New action plan for the Swedish-Chinese cooperation on health

A new action plan in the field of health was signed on 21 April by Sweden’s Public Health, Medical and Sports Minister Gabriel Wikstrom, and China’s Health Minister Li Bin.


The action plan allows us to deepen cooperation in areas such as combating antibiotic resistance and tobacco prevention. We also get the opportunity to collaborate on new issues such as health care digitization, control and organization,” says Gabriel Wikström.

The new Action Plan for the years 2015-2018, and enter the following areas:
• organization and management of health services, especially in primary care
• elderly care
• medical research
• mental health
• public health and health promotion
• cancer
• infection control, antibiotic resistance and hygiene
• maternal care and child health.

Sweden and China have a bilateral agreement on cooperation in the field of health since 2006. The agreement rests on three legs, and aims to promote cooperation in the private, public and academic sectors. An action plan is attached to the agreement and this is the third action plan since 2006.

Public health, medical and Sports Minister Gabriel Wikstrom visits China on April 20 to 23.


During Monday 20 April Gabriel Wikstrom was also a keynote speaker at the EU-China seminar on antibiotic resistance. The Minister also joined a meeting at the World Health Organization.

Furthermore, he spoke at a Swedish-Chinese seminar on the future of health challenges, and participated in an aerobics session with Swedish Heyrobics in Beijing.

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