Norwegian killed in traffic accident in Thailand

A Norwegian man was killed when he was driving his girlfriend to work at the local hospital, said a friend of the husband to Norwegian television.

The accident happened in Khon Kaen in northeast Thailand, early Thursday morning.

“We can confirm that a 57-year-old Norwegian man was killed in a traffic accident in Thailand on Thursday,” said the director Frode Overland Andersen of Norwegian Foreign Affairs.

The Norwegian was driving his girlfriend to the local hospital where she works, but in a busy traffic light on a three lane road in both directions it went wrong

“He drove the green light, but a car in the other direction ran a red light,” said Norwegian Rolf Andersen, who also lives in Khon Kaen.

The Norwegian was killed instantly, but his girlfriend, who was on the back of the bike is in a coma and is being treated in a hospital.