Danish Lego donates bricks to Thai children

Danish toy company Lego has donated 80 kilos of toy bricks to poor school children in Thailand. The many boxes of Lego bricks were received last week by the 140 pupils of the school and they are now part of classes with the motto “playing and learning”, Danish media reports.

The blocks are part of a project where travel agency Spies has built a library in Khao Sok, 200 kilometers from Phuket.

”Since we started the project many has decided to help,” said Torben Andersen, head of communications of at Spies.

He was in Khao Sok when the many boxes of bricks were delivered.

”Together with companies like Lego we have created an exciting project. The school and library mean that the children will have the opportunity to learn English,” he said.

Spies has also donated computers and books for the school and library. According to Torben Andersen, learning English will help give the children a future.

”Tourism in Thailand is growing rapidly these years. That also means that in the future there will be a demand for young people who can help the country’s many tourists. At the same time it is important that the children have the opportunity to go to school.”

He said the seeing the kids’ reactions when the opened the boxes of Lego was a big experience.

Source: jv.dk

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