Norwegian national killed in motorbike accident in Thailand

A Norwegian man in his late 40’s was killed in a traffic accident in Thailand on Sunday, according to the post Hadeland.

The man is originally from Vestra Gran in Norway but is living in Chiang Mai in Thailand.

”The embassy in Bangkok has been informed of the accident and the family has been informed as well,” says Weslemøy Lothe Salvesen from the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.

Reports say that the Norwegian national was on a motorbike trip with friends when the accident happened.

“We have been told that he collided with a truck and died almost instantly,” says Kenneth Olsen Karlsen who is a representative for the family in Norway to Norwegian post Hadeland.


One Comment on “Norwegian national killed in motorbike accident in Thailand”

  1. I have been in Thailand for over 20 years., – and survived.
    All I can say, don’t drive motorcycle in Thailand, ever !

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