Scandinavian Viking fest plunders Bangkok

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Some thousands years ago the Vikings would make their way from Scandinavia to England on quests to rape and plunder. This Saturday the quest was on Chao Phraya River as 80 “Vikings” from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland boarded a ship to enjoy a day on the river followed by a party at Admiral’s Pub and Restaurant in Sukhumwit Soi 29.

The raping and plundering were kept at a minimum and replaced by drinking and good times. It was the sort of atmosphere that only comes when the weather is good, the beer cold and you are wearing a Viking costume and a cardboard helmet.

The event was organized by Scandinavian Society Siam and Admiral’s Pub and Restaurant. When arriving at the ship everybody was given Viking costumes and seeing as there is no successful quest without proper provisions, cold beer was handed out and the bar was open for refills all through the trip.

On the boat trip games were being held including knot tying, rock, scissors, paper and trivia on the Vikings.

Even though the good people of Bangkok are probably used to seeing a bit of everything it still raised attention when the ship anchored after a few hours of touring the river. The 80 Vikings disembarked at Asiatique and by passers were snapping their cameras at the Scandinavian crowd which had turned into quite the attraction.

A bit down the road, song taews were ready to take the modern day Vikings the last piece of way to the Admirals Pub and Restaurant. That ride in itself was an experience and had the atmosphere of the Scandinavian “studenterkørsel” where freshly graduated high schoolers drive around town in buses.

It is not a proper Viking outing without mead, so upon arrival at the Admiral’s Pub and Restaurant refreshments were offered in the form of modern day mead mixed with lime soda, courtesy of Danish beer importer Hopsession.

The party took places in three different places at the Admiral’s. A buffet was set up in the dining area while you could also hang back and enjoy the free bar at the pub. Upstairs on the patio, live music was provided and another bar made sure nobody would wake up without a headache. The food also had the traditional Scandinavian touch as the upstairs patio offered roast pig with a carving station.

Downstairs the points from the contests had been counted and the winner received a gift certificate for a dinner for two at Admiral’s Pub and Restaurant.

It was the first ever event of this sort and the large number of Vikings on the quest along with great backing from sponsors made the whole thing smell like repeat business for next year.

More photos to come 

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