Dtac paired up with 3BB for quality service in the future

Alexandra Reich, DTAC’s CEO with Saijai Kitsin, director of Triple T Broadband

Thailand’s DTAC Tri-Net Co,Ltd paired up with 3BB Broadband Co,Ltd to provide better connection country-wide and improving service in the future.

2nd December 2019, Alexandra Reich, DTAC’s CEO signed an MOU agreement regarding business cooperation framework with Saijai Kitsin, director of Triple T Broadband in Bangkok. The agreement framework focus on providing DTAC clients with fixed broadband from 3BB, sharing resources and basic infrastructure of the two companies to co-create the best results in the future.

This cooperation plan will increase service potential with existing clients and broaden their horizons into new client territories. With both companies experience combined, the future is promising for both consumers and service providers.

Currently DTAC has around 20.4 Million cellphone users and 400 plus service stations nationwide. The company providing 3G/4G coverage and working towards 5G era in the future. While 3BB is known to be a quality broadband internet provider with 500 plus service stations  providing varieties of services available to their 3 million household users. Their clients are families, communication service companies, SME businesses up to large enterprises.

Their purpose of the latest cooperation is to provide their service to fulfill their clients lifestyles. Promotions are available to their clients to be able to download their favourite contents from OTT platforms, increase speed on internet connection and WIFI, more convenient with cash transfer and bill payments including more accessibility to upcoming new business and start-ups.

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