Norwegian watchdog urges residents in Cambodia not to vote

The Norwegian-based watchdog Cambodia Watchdog Council International (CWCI) has asked the people of Cambodia not to vote on the upcoming election as long as the former opposition CNRP isn’t allowed to run.

In a letter released on Wednesday 21st, CWCI appeals to eligible voters not to participate on July 29th. As long as the opposition isn’t allowed to participate, the voters shouldn’t either.

“Mr Hun Sen needs this to show the international community that Cambodians are satisfied with the current regime,” the letter signed by CWCI chairman Men Nath said and pointed out that if the number of people casting ballot is below 50 percent, “it will show that the citizens are not satisfied with the Hun Sen regime and the international community will not accept the result of the vote.”

In the previous election, which was held in 2013, 9.67 million Cambodians were eligible to vote, but only 68.5 percent decided to do so. It was the lowest turnout in the history of Cambodia.

Then the now ruling CPP won 68 seats and the opposition, CNRP, won the remaining 55 seats. CNRP opposition boycotted the result saying there were huge irregularities in the polls.

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