Saab factory in China ready in three to five years


Saab cars designed for the Chinese market will be built in the Chinese city of Qingdao.

Speaking to radio Sweden  press officer, Mikael Östlund said “within a time horizon of three to five years, we can begin to build and complete a factory there.”

“They are interested in being able to secure safe access to their own vehicle and be able to establish a vehicle producer in Qingdao which currently does not exist. They are an attractive partner for us, both as a customer and also in the joint venture that will be form to later on be able to build a car factory in China for the Chinese market,” said the press officer, Mikael Östlund to radio Sweden.

It is located in the middle coastal part of China, with a beautiful sea view – the city of Qingdao, looks good on postcards with its sandy beach next to towering skyscrapers.

“We believe that we will find a good position in the Chinese market, but there is a lot to learn and see how others are doing. We study how different companies approach the market here,” explains Mikael Östlund.

The firm is said to have shown the proposed factory site to the Swedish Undersecretary Hakan Ekengren at the Industry Ministry.

Currently, some more than 200 people work for Nevs in Sweden and China. In Beijing, the company has a battery factory, and another is being built there.

The town of Qingdao, via an investment company is expected to become a partner in Nevs with 22 percent of the shares and Skr2 billion investments, reports radio Sweden.


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