Norwegian embassy to aid Norwegian start-ups in Singapore

Through several decades, Norway has been heavily integrated in the Singaporean business community through our maritime industry. However, though renowned for its capacities as a trading nation, Singapore is also one of the most entrepreneurial-friendly places there is. Some call it the Silicon Valley of Asia. In cooperation with incubator Expara, the Norwegian Embassy therefore seeks to highlight start-up opportunities available here to Norwegian business ideas.

Being highly influential in maritime markets, Singapore has always been of great interest to Norway. This has resulted in a major presence of Norwegian companies in the city-state, and in extensive cooperation in business, education and research.

The Norwegian Embassy in Singapore will therefore attempt to assist and encourage Norwegian start-ups in Singapore. In this pursuit, we have engaged in preliminary talks with incubator Expara.

Being one of the earliest in Singapore, Expara has been investing in, teaching, training and mentoring entrepreneurs since 2000. From their efforts and expertise, Expara has received a number of recognitions and appointments under various governmental schemes for driving innovation. Additionally, they also operate S$20 million dollar early-stage venture fund.

Concurrent with these efforts is the next SeedForum investor conference and the arrival of students from the Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship in June.


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