Scandinavian vintage craft arrives to Singapore: ‘Möbler’

A new concept to blend authentic Scandinavian vintage and antique furniture with modern, forms the basis for ‘Möbler’, a collection of hand-picked and restored pieces available in a dedicated web-shop and Singapore showroom.


The Swedish vintage and antique concept, brings a new era of stylish home decor with a unique character that is dramatically different. Inspired by the Scandinavian tradition of blending new furniture with old, Möbler (furniture in Swedish) offers a range of beautifully crafted classic Scandinavian furniture, objects, lighting, decor and art for the first time in Asia.

Behind this retail furniture business are two passionate Swedish sisters who are, hands-on, scanning Scandinavia for suitable pieces to add to the rare collection.
Möbler’s philosophy is shaped by the founder and CEO Emelie Hedén, a Swedish furniture professional with a never-ending love for old furniture and an intimate knowledge of Asia’s home decor industry. Her creative partner is Ellen Hedén, Partner and Creative Director.

They drive around Sweden searching, lifting and carrying. The handpicked pieces are then cleaned, lovingly restored, photographed and marketed by the two sisters. In the authentic, 500-piece Möbler collection all pieces are chosen for their original design, unique history, outstanding quality and the worn patina of a bygone era.


Since childhood, the sisters have displayed an enduring passion for old furniture. They both began restoring old pieces in their early years. Their love is probably due to the summers spent in their grandmother´s country house, which is furnished with lots of well-preserved pieces from the 1800s.

“We have always liked old, beautiful things. Especially as high quality furniture becomes even more beautiful with time!” says Ellen.

Most endearing is that every Möbler item is unique – the only one of its kind.  From the Allmoge and romantic Gustavian styles of the early 1800s, to Jugend and Art Deco periods and the Bauhaus era; including Retro of the 1950/60’s. All selecte pieces cannot be found elsewhere in Asia and are yet surprisingly affordable, they state.
Furthermore, it is noteworthy how this business has come be realised: After Emilie won the biggest and most prestigious entrepreneurship competition in Sweden, the Venture Cup, she managed to attract the required investors and partners via crowd-funding at FundedByMe.


Emelie had for many years been dreaming of offering Scandinavian vintage furniture to the Asian market, and is now euphoric about having succeeded.

“The journey has indeed been long and tough, filled with tears and laughter. We are thrilled and excited about launching our web-shop and showroom. And we can’t wait to change Asian perceptions of interior styling by presenting the most elegant decor Sweden and Scandinavia can offer,” she says.

Möbler combines their web shop’s flexible payment and delivery options with a showroom with consistent opening hours.

The sisters believe that a home’s furniture is an extension of the owner’s character: “It’s an art-form that makes a statement about you, an expression of your personal style and passion. After all, a home speaks eloquently about those who live in it. And the uniqueness of Möbler’s furniture certainly adds character to any space.”
Moreover, aside fulfilling an aesthetic need, these are rare luxury items to brag about. Every piece has a unique story to tell, that the customer can spread further.


“It’s also satisfying helping Singaporeans to create their own personal style – as unique and individual as they want it to be. We’ve always been fascinated, by how a home looks more real after adding old pieces. The key is to mix new furniture designs with pieces that have a story to tell, rather than only mass produced items made for everyone,” adds Emelie.

As for the target market in Asia, the interest in vintage furniture has grown in recent years due to the influence of European trends, yet a gap still remains in the market; a high demand for vintage furniture but a minimal supply. As a result of the increasingly hectic pace of modern life, consumers now see their homes as a place to escape to and relax in. In combination with the rising affluence and sophistication of consumers they are therefore becoming more willing to invest in authentic and high quality furniture and décor, preferably with a strong brand image.

Combined with a growing awareness of the need to make sustainable purchasing decisions, Möbler is eager to promote usage of the existing rather than the new. As a form of recycling at its very best, the energy consumed by a second hand piece of wooden furniture during its second life cycle (restoration and logistics from Sweden) is less than 1/1000 of the energy required in the manufacturing, logistic and discarded waste of a new piece.

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