Thai woman: Dane defrauded me of 100 million baht


A Thai woman says her aging Danish husband ripped her off to the tune of 100 million baht and now she has turned to prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha for help.

Thiamjan Harnlakorn appeared with her lawyer, relatives and several placards in a plea for help from the PM at the Commerce Ministry in Nonthaburi on Sunday 18 September 2016.

The placard on the right in the picture states: “Danish Farang Bullied Thai Woman!”

The issue relates to a matter that has already been settled by the courts.

Thiamjan won a judgment that her shares, that amounted to a 51% controlling interest in their company Daen Thailand and Property Co Ltd on Samui, were illegally removed from her.

She says that she fought a seven year battle for justice and won – but she has yet to receive a single baht of her shares back from her Danish husband Per Viggo Helling.

She told reporters that the shares were transferred from her control by her husband when she was suffering from cancer in the uterus.

He cleaned her out of the shares when she was recuperating from surgery, she said.

In addition, she claims that Per Viggo Helling hounded her out of their home and put up a sign saying that she had no rights in the company whatsoever.

First the Samui police and then the Crime Suppression Division became involved before the matter was resolved in her favour by the court.

She said that efforts to have the name on the shares changed back to hers had proved fruitless despite the court’s decision.

“Who am I to turn to now?” she said. “After my illness I have run out of money. So I am asking for the prime minister’s help to get justice”.

Source: Daily News, Thaivisa

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