Singapore, Finland, and Sweden deploying cloud computing most effectively

Singapore, Finland and Sweden are hailed as forerunners for what was once simply a business enabler but is now core to many emerging business models. We are talking about cloud computing, which has become a foundational resource for businesses and governments alike as they strive to harness emerging technologies such as 5G, AI, and IoT.

There is cloud innovation happening wherever you look. Mobile internet powerhouse South Korea is turbocharging its cloud services development with split-second 5G broadband technology, while India aims to put the power of digital tools in the hands of its people, building applications that undergird Indian social and economic life.

Singapore, Finland, and Sweden are the nations deploying cloud most effectively, reveals the Cloud Ecosystem Index 2022, a survey by MIT Technology Review in collaboration with Infosys Cobalt (a set of services, solutions and platforms from Infosys for cloud-powered transformation).

“Data gathered from the Index validates that now, more than ever, there is urgency for enterprises and policymakers to go to the cloud, as it can create a positive economic impact,” says Ravi Kumar S, president of Infosys.

Source: Financial Express

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