Student reception at the Swedish residence

The Swedish ambassador to Singapore Ingemar Dolfe recently hosted a popular and much appreciated BBQ-evening at the Swedish residence for about a hundred Singaporean former exchange students to Sweden.

During the BBQ-evening the enthusiastic students shared their positive experiences from their stay in Sweden. The ambassador pointed out that the Singaporean students’ knowledge and relationship to Sweden contributes to strengthening the close ties between the two countries.

The Ambassador also informed the students that the Embassy recently created a database for Sweden Alumni called Swedish Alumni Database Singapore. The database provides an opportunity for Singaporean students studying in Sweden, including past and future, to maintain a close link to Sweden. The purpose of the database is to create a network for Swedish Alumni in Singapore.

Every year close to 400 Singaporeans go to different universities all over Sweden on exchange to study various subjects, ranging from medicine to business. Sweden is, after UK, the most popular destination in Europe for Singaporean exchange students. The Embassy also provided the students with information about Swedish companies operating in Singapore, employing more than 7000 people. The students showed a great interest for the presence of Swedish companies in Singapore.

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