Member of the Greenland Parliament concerned about Thais

The working conditions for Thais in Greenland have troubled Siverth K. Heilmann, member of the Greenlandic parliament Inatsisartut. His concern is both about their working condition and if they with wage dumping takes work from Greenlanders.

“Thais working long hours every day is a common sight in many towns on the coast. I can’t help wondering whether they are paid properly,” he says.

But now 20 Thais has joined the Greenlandic union SIK, giving the union some insight to their working conditions.

“Their wages are not as bad as we had feared, but their working hours I find problematic,” says Jess G. Berthelsen chairman of SIK to the Greenlandic Broadcasting Corporation.

“Thais working in the hospitality industry often works 10 hours a day seven days a week,” he continues.

“We must in principle require that the minimum standards for wages, working hour and other working conditions as union and employers have agreed on are kept,” says Siverth K. Heilmann.

He finds that the working conditions for Asians in Greenland are kept in darkness.

“The issue of Asian workers in Greenland need to be highlighted. We need to have all facts to be able to discourse their conditions and whether they are taking work from residents. I tried to raise the issue during the opening debate in parliament, but got no response from the government.”

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