Students from Singapore compete in 2013 Stockholm Junior Water Prize

Three Singapore students Yinn Jaye Ong, Kang Le Yeo and Wie Jin Gong will take part in the 2013 International Stockholm Junior Water Prize finale held at the World Water Week in Stockholm September 1-6.

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The students won the national competition in Singapore for their study “Use of Recycled Clam Shells in Water Purification”, in which the delegation has set out to compare the effectiveness of the lala clam, blood cockle and mussel shells in removing heavy metal ions under different pH levels. The Singaporean students will compete for the prestigious international Stockholm Junior Water Prize against finalists from 28 countries at the finale during the 2013 World Water Week in Stockholm, the leading annual meeting place for the planet’s most urgent water-related issues.

The prize consists of 5,000 USD and a symbolic price sculpture presented by HRH Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden.
Stockholm Junior Water Prize competition brings together the world’s brightest young scientists to encourage their continued interest in water and the environment. The aim is to highlight water as the world’s most important resource, and to create commitment among young people about water issues.

Source: Embassy of Sweden in Singapore.

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  1. Getting children involved in water treatment at such a young age is great. Having them come up with ideas for better methods of water purification is even better. There have been a lot of great devices designed by the younger generations as of late that will hopefully be deployed at reasonable cost to places that desperately need clean water.

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