Danish politician concerned over the disappearance of Laotian social leader

The Danish politician and member of the European Parliament, Søren Søndergaard, was key speaker at an event at Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand (FCCT) on 28 August about the disappeared Laotian social leader Sombath Sombone.

Søren Søndergaard had just returned from a visit to the Laotian capital on August 25-27 where he together with other members of a parliamentary delegation had tried to push the authorities to resolve the case.

soren sondergaard

Sombath Somphone disappeared on 15th December 2012. The international delegation of parliamentarians and civil society networks that visited the capital of Lao PDR was arranged by family and friend. The delegation met with senior government officials and members of the Lao National Assembly and expressed their deep concern with the disappearance of Sombath.

Søren Søndergaard is currently the vice-chair of the European Parliament’s Special Committee on Organised Crime, Corruption and Money Laundering, and it might be in his title of that in which he was speaking.


More about Sombath Sombone and details of his possible abduction is found here:


and here:


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