Swede accuses karaoke parlour of rip-off

CHIANG MAI – A Swedish businessman lodged a complaint against a Chiang Mai karaoke parlour for alleged karaokeovercharging on 29 December 2013. The 49-year-old man reported being unlawfully detained by the parlour’s owner and staff after refusing to pay when presented with a bill of over THB50,000 for five small bottles of beer and a few hours’ worth of singing with female staff.

The man said the owner and his men withdrew cash from his credit card against his will.

Police said they were investigating the case.


4 Comments on “Swede accuses karaoke parlour of rip-off”

  1. Don, according to the news the man was threatened and forced to hand over to the bar’s owner the credit card and password, with which they then withdrew cash from his credit card account.

  2. If its really a credit card, then he has the right to challenge the charges and then they are forced to do a charge back to him while the credit institution investigates… no news here, move on !

  3. Money he will never get back.There is no way the Thai police will help a farang.The barowner might pay 10-20% to the police and the case gets closed. T I T

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