Sweden holds First Generation Workshop in Phnom Penh


The Embassy of Sweden, Phnom Penh reports of great turnout and interactive discussions at the workshop on “ICT in Education as a tool for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals”, which was held on 31 May. The LIFE Academy from Sweden co-organised the event.

#First Generation – ICT is a tool in education for achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

The UN has taken on the challenge to create a sustainable and fair future through 17 common goals – the Global Goals. We are the first and only generation that can achieve this task together. #FirstGeneration is an initiative of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs to spread knowledge about the Global Goals and the important role of educators in engaging young people in sustainable development. We believe in the power of networks to achieve change.


LIFE Academy was founded in 1995 in response to the Rio conference on Sustainable Development and provides training and networking opportunities for organizations, companies and ministries in the field of Sustainable Development with a strong focus on developing countries.

The workshop was carried out as part of a global campaign called the First Generation, initiated by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The aim is to create engagement and strengthen communication around the Global Goals; agenda 2030. To strengthen the leading role Sweden has taken in the international work for sustainable development and a testimony of Sweden’s strong engagement with UN.

The idea of the workshop was based on one of the International Training Programs (ITP) that Sweden via Sida arranges for participants from developing countries. Several of the participants in the workshop have also been attending a specific training by Life Academy on ICT and pedagogical development. There were interactive discussions and presentations.

The training programs are carried out in Sweden during a couple of weeks. During the last decades over 400 Cambodians has enrolled in a range of different training programs supported by Sida. Apart from the training itself, it provides the participants of greater knowledge about Sweden in general, what it looks like and about our values.


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