Swedish embassy in Manila contributed to minimize violence against women

From left, Mr. Barry Gutierrez, Spokesperson of the Office of VP Leni Robredo, Ms. Kat Alano, Founder of Empower Philippines, Swedish Ambassador H.E.Harald Fries of the Embassy of Sweden in Manila, Ms. Maica Teves, Executive Director of SPARK Philippines

Respeto Naman campaign is a collaboration of the Embassy of Sweden in the Philippines, SPARK! Philippines, the Office of Vice President Leni Robredo, the United Nations, Empower, Terre des Hommes through Girls Advocacy Alliance, and Para sa Saning. Link

The campaign officially started on 21st November 2019, and focuses on the issues of rape and sexual harassment and has been launched in different parts of the country, including Metro Manila, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, and Dumaguete.

Swedish Ambassador, H.E. Harald Fries

“With this campaign, we aim to give advocates of gender equality and victims the support and encouragement they need to speak up against sexual harassment and gender-based violence,” Swedish Ambassador Harald Fries said in a statement.

“We also want to strengthen prevention mechanisms through education and discourse on misogynistic attitudes that lead to violence against women,” he added.

The envoy noted that the campaign has been “instrumental” in the embassy’s advocacy of eliminating Gender-Base Violence (GBV).

“The nationwide campaign #RespetoNaman is marking its first year of raising awareness and working towards the end of gender-based violence (GBV) in the Philippines. For this milestone, #RespetoNaman will be bringing the conversation to Naga City, through the #DontTellThemHowToDress exhibit,” the Swedish embassy

One component of the movement is the “Don’t Tell Them How To Dress” exhibit which features the stories of GBV victims, as well as educational forums.

The envoy noted that the campaign has been “instrumental” in the embassy’s advocacy of eliminating GBV.

Ms. Maica Teves, Executive Director of SPARK Philippines.

In its second year, SPARK! executive director Maica Teves, announced that the movement will focus on an action-based approach.

“For the coming year we’re gearing towards a more action-oriented approach, focusing on working with communities to create sustainable, and lasting solutions to end violence in the Philippines,” she said.

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