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Finnish SWAPPIE helps in electronic waste challenge

Did you know that incorrect disposal of electronic waste is one of the most problematic challenges in waste management? In Finland, used and serviced smart phones are gaining popularity: They’re easier on the environment – and the wallet. Find out what are Finnish’s secrets in handling waste management here.

Norwegian embassy Singapore invited all to share fun 17 May moment digitally

The Royal embassy of Norwegian in Singapore invites all Norwegians (and friends of Norway) celebrating Constitution day on 17 May to join a fun photo challenge. Since Singapore is currently in Circuit Breaker measures to curb numbers of Covid-19 infection along with many countries, This way Norwegians, families and friends living in Singapore can share…

How Indonesians in Scandinavia manage fasting during Ramadhan

Usually summer solstice in Scandinavia equals an easy breezy long event, but the sunny day might be a challenge for some. Muslims living in the nordic regions will experience the longest Ramadhan in the last 33 years for Muslims, as the holy month coincides with summer solstice on June 20.   During Ramadhan, Muslims fast from dawn…