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Dane about life in Myanmar in 1991: “My phone was tapped”

jørn kristensen miid myanmar

No shops, no good restaurants, no super markets and no private satellite dishes allowed, so no international news. That was the reality when Jørn Kristensen and his wife, Astri, arrived in Myanmar in 1991. “It was an isolated and broken country in many ways,” Jørn Kristensen says. Only few years before his arrival, a devaluation…

Vietnamese student Swedish Ambassador for a day

swedish ambassador vietnam

Imagine being ambassador for a day. For 20-year-old Phuong Anh, Vietnamese student at Hanoi National University of Education, imagination became reality when she got to be the Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam for the day on 3 October 2019. The student borrowed the title from Swedish Ambassador Ann Måwe as part of a global campaign called…