The Chalmers Challenge competition: Indonesia, Thailand

Chalmers Challenges you! Are you ready to pull up your socks and show us what you are made of?

Bachelor’s engineering students from Thailand and Indonesia can compete in the The Chalmers Challenge – Indonesia & Thailand edition to win one of six Amazon gift cards worth up to 2,000 SEK (about 8,500 Thai baht and 3,200,000 Indonesian rupiah) while learning more about Chalmers University of Technology! The competition is open until its April 13, 2015 deadline.


Two first prize winners (one from Thailand and one from Indonesia) will receive Amazon gift cards worth 2000 sek (about 8,500 Thai baht and 3,200,000 Indonesian rupiah). Four second prize winners (two from Thailand and two from Indonesia) will receive Amazon gift cards worth 1500 sek (about 6,500 Thai baht and 2,400,000 Indonesian rupiah)

Chalmers University of Technology is one of Sweden’s largest and most highly acclaimed technological universities with 11,000 students and 2,500 employees. Students and teachers are grouped into 17 departments and 200 different research groups. The academic environment at the university stems from a close relationship with industry and society, in an effort to internationalize the education offered and achieve higher standards of teaching and research. The university is highly progressive and is known both locally and globally for education, research and innovation. With approximately 1,000 international Master’s students, and with both students and teachers from various cultural backgrounds, the experience at Chalmers is designed to broaden your horizons and provide access to an extensive network.

At Chalmers students will learn to think independently, and to meet future challenges with the help of engineering methods. The university emphasises your creativity and believes in the necessity of free thinking, so you can be sure that you will able to test your own ideas in real situations. To facilitate an open environment and a close cooperation between students and teachers, we pursue a truly informal atmosphere. As a part of the international aspect of the school, all teaching is done in English.

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