The Danish Seamen’s Church Hong Kong has found a new pastor

Captain Jesper Henriksen and Seamen’s Pastor Rebecca Holm

The new Danish Seamen’s pastor Rebecca Holm has arrived in Hong Kong and just ended her 14 days quarantine upon arrival, she shares in the Church’s recent newsletter.

Rebecca Holm will be taking over from Margith Pedersen who has worked as a Seamen’s pastor through 3 periods in 2020 and 2021. Rebecca Holm says that she has step by step been introduced to both the work at the Danish Seamen’s Church in Hong Kong and how she personally finds herself in “this exciting city.”

“Margith has taken me by the hand and introduced me to everyone in the Mariners Club, both secretaries, assistants, and the other sailor priests with whom we share the building. We have had a harbor pass made and have already visited a ship together – Skagen Maersk! It was a pleasure to finally get on board again because it was almost a year and a half ago since I visited my last ship when I was an assistant in Singapore.”

Moreover, Rebecca Holm says Thor has introduced her to how the Church’s online kiosk works and she has met Pelle and Palle. “At the time of writing, I have only been at the church for three days, so of course there is much more I need to be introduced to,” Rebecca Holm says.

“On December 24, there will of course be a Christmas service – maybe two – depending on how many people sign up. If some have to sit alone on Christmas Eve, you are very welcome to come to church in the evening, where we will eat Christmas food together, play package games and otherwise just have fun, completely informal,” Rebecca Holm says. 

In the newsletter, outgoing Seamen’s pastor Margith Pedersen also takes the opportunity to thank the Church and the Danish community in Hong Kong. 

“THANK YOU to the Church Council and you fantastically diligent and dedicated members and your fantastic work effort! Thank you for the time, for the challenges and the goodwill, for the patience and good advice, and for being a part of the community. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the Seamen’s Church in Hong Kong. It has been a great pleasure. Now I go to Denmark – to my family, and see what challenges could lie ahead. All the best – and God’s blessing on the Sailor Church in the future,” Margith Pedersen says.

Margith Pedersen

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