Danish priest describes visiting inmates in Thailand

The Danish Seamen’s Church and Churches abroad’s (Danske Sømands- og Udlandskirker) publication NYT covers all sorts of topics and the theme for the latest issue is EMERGENCY. 

Read about the most important parts of a priest’s work abroad in emergencies and follow the Danish priest Christa Lund Herum as she visits a Danish inmate in a local Thai prison. 

In the article, Christa Lund Herum explains that as a Danish priest in Thailand, it is an important part of her job to visit Danish inmates in prison. Prison visits are made possible through collaboration with the Embassy of Denmark in Bangkok and Christa Lund Herum explains that conversations with inmates are what make the biggest impression on her which also confirms the importance of having a Danish priest in Thailand.

The Danish Church in Thailand was established on 1 November 2017 and the church holds services, marks church holidays, and helps Danes and their families celebrate baptisms, confirmations, and weddings. 

The Danish Church in Thailand is also very much a cultural gathering place where people can meet about values ​​and traditions. The Church ensures Danes in Thailand have access to a community where their national heritage, the Danish language, and identity become a security-creating common denominator.

The latest issue of NYT is available in paper form at the Danish Seamen’s Church in Southeast Asia or online here.

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