The Danish Seamen’s Church in Hong Kong caters to Danish flagged ships

It’s a busy time at the Danish Seamen’s Church with several ships sailing under the flag of Denmark docking at the ports of Hong Kong these days.

In a recent update, the Danish Seamen’s Church shares how they have recently visited the 22-year-old ship Skagen Maersk, built at Lindø shipyard near Odense and Maersk’s brand new ship Nordborg Maersk on her maiden voyage.

The Danish seamen’s Church always does their utmost to accommodate all inquiries from the crew on deck on the Danish flagged ships and this time was no exception with items including 5 kg coffee beans, reading glasses, bingo gifts, matador candy mix, rye bread mixes, suitcases, pictures/paintings from Ikea, sim cards and much more being delivered.

“The atmosphere was good on board both ships, although there is a bit of a struggle with pandemic regulations when people go to and from the ship, the crew members are now made of something very special and keep their mood high,” the Church writes.

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