The enterprise Hygge launches ‘Alt Scoops’ vegan ice cream in the Philippines

Choco Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate (Anna Tamika Santos)

The enterprise Hygge Bev Co., launches a plant-based vegan alternative to regular dairy ice cream in the Philippines with ‘Alt Scoops’.

Hygge is a wholesaler of Swedish Oatly! Oat Milk and Freshdrip Coffee from Amsterdam in the Philippines. Their newest concept, Alt Scoops is vegan ice cream consisting of local ingredients such as, among others, La Trinidad strawberries from Baguio and Auro chocolate from Mindanao together with Oatly’s plant-based milk.

Alt Scoop is made in the Philippines and currently, there are four variants available.

To local media Manilla Bulletin, Patricia Coronel of Hygge says that being more sustainable does not have to be different or taste different. “We’d like to think we have provided a vegan ice cream that doesn’t compromise on quality and taste while being a more sustainable option,” she says.

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