Three reasons to join a professional peer networking group

Everything we thought we knew about networking has changed. Since the internet arrived in every office and home in the modern world, tapping into a large network has never been easier. The possibilities are ever expanding as more people join and the technology becomes more sophisticated. Now you have access to experts in your field immediately. The potential benefits are considerable. Especially for newcomers to a field or country who need to rapidly expand their network and find both local and international contacts. Let’s explore three of the main reasons to join a professional peer networking group.

1. Learn From Others’ Mistakes
Learning anything of real value to the marketplace is usually a long and complex process. Often it’s a combination of two principles: Scooping up knowledge as you go; and experience. Acquiring knowledge is easy in theory. The problem is the timing. We often need to know the answer whilst under pressure. And we need to know that it comes from a source worth listening to. Then we need to try and apply the knowledge in practice. That’s where experience comes in. We learn from our mistakes and move forward. But what if you could reap the rewards of this process without actually having to make the mistakes yourself?

With peer networking you can reach out to a wealth of experience. You can tap in to the wisdom of experts who have already made the mistakes. Those who have been there before can guide you through challenges with valuable insights. With communities of professionals available in your field, you can bypass costly delays by harnessing the experience of others.

The benefits of this are multiplied when you add technology into the mix. Things change so fast in that there are too many variables to make first time successes every time. By joining an online global peer network, you reduce the risk of losing time and money due to avoidable mistakes.

Nick Jonsson,,Managing Director EGN Singapore

2. Build a group of professionals
There are few situations more stressful in the workplace than being pressed with questions you don’t know the answers to. At the same time, nothing will see you secure in your career and favoured for promotion than being seen as the in-house expert.

You’ll be surprised at how many issues, problems and questions can be dealt with by turning to your network. Tell your company: ‘I can probably find this out in less than 24 hours.’ Then ask your network and experience a knowledgeable and educated discussion on any topic.

This solution may be available offline and without a global peer network. But it will likely cost more time to find the resolution, or be less reliable. The advantage of having a global peer network is that it is an established and trustworthy online relationship that’s ready to respond when you need it. The difference is that you have an open, honest discussion with people who know what it’s like in your shoes. Your peers are facing or have already overcome the same problems and challenges.

3. Make Your Career Development Measurable
How do you know how you currently stack up compared to the industry? With a global peer network you can reach out and talk to your peers to discover how they’re working and what is new in your field.

The benefits are several. You know how you compare. And it also makes it easy to discover what you need to know and what to work on.

Success now belongs to those who have the quickest access to the most reliable, in-depth and credible information; who can borrow the experience of a network of peers and apply the knowledge and wisdom of crowds.

What’s a time when it would have been useful to be able to ask peers in a network questions about something you’ve been stuck on? Would it have been easier to get in-depth insight and advice from peers who had already been through the situation themselves?

Join EGN Singapore which currently has 10 knowledge sharing peer groups in Singapore and more than 750 globally. EGN has 14,000+ members worldwide.

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