Tourists from Scandinavia are evolving as great tourism markets for Vietnam

Vietnam has experienced a boom in tourism at one of the fastest rates in the world with a staggering number of 18 million visitors according to the 2019 Tourism Highlight report released by the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

Out of the 18 million individuals that travelled to the South East Asian country, Vietnam greeted 142.264 Scandinavians in 2019, according to Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism.

The Scandinavian numbers may not seem like a lot in the grand scheme of tourism – and yet, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland are emerging as one of Vietnams primary tourism markets. How can that be?

The Tourism Highlight report shows data that may put things into perspective: the Scandinavian countries spend an average of $1,316 per trip as compared to the general spending of $900.

So, despite not being a great tourist market based solely on visitor numbers, Scandinavians are willing to spend more money on their vacations compared to other foreigners.


Source: vnexpress




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