Volvo Cars selects Port of Gothenburg for China exports

The Port of Gothenburg will be the new export port for Volvo cars to China, as well as Finland and Russia, with an estimated volume of around 30,000 cars each year.

The Port of Gothenburg has for a long time been the principal export gateway for Volvo Cars. It has now been confirmed that Volvo Cars has also chosen its home port for exports to Finland, Russia and China. The cars were previously exported via Wallhamn.

The Volvo cars will be exported via the Car Terminal at the Port of Gothenburg, Logent Ports & Terminals. A completely new service from the terminal will be established for this purpose.

Image: Port of Gothenburg


“We are the largest export port in Sweden for cars and this new development has consolidated this position even further. It is particularly heartening that Volvo is choosing to continue to focus on its home port,” said Claes Sundmark, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at the Port of Gothenburg.

Exports to China will also be shipped by Euro Marine Logistics. The cars will be transshipped to deep sea car carriers on the continent.

The models that will be shipped from Gothenburg are the Volvo S80, V70, S60, V60, XC70 and the new Volvo XC90.

The Belgian shipping company Euro Marine Logistics that will operate to Finland and Russia, calling once a week.

“It is extremely pleasing that Volvo Cars has chosen our terminal at the Port of Gothenburg as its export port for the Finnish, Russian and Chinese markets. This represents a substantial increase in volumes and completely new destinations,” said Anders Madsen, President of Logent Ports & Terminals.

Last year, 166,000 cars were imported or exported via the Port of Gothenburg, representing an increase of two per cent on 2013.

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