Watch Nordic Films at The European Film Festival in Singapore

The Singapore European Union Film Festival (EUFF) is back at The Projector in Singapore from 6 May to 23 May 2021.

EUFF is among the longest-running film festivals in Singapore and it is known for featuring the best of contemporary European cinema, reflecting the diversity of perspectives, histories, and cultures from across Europe.

This year, the festival celebrates its 30th edition with a total of 23 carefully hand-picked films from all over Europe.

Don’t miss these Nordic films:

The Danish film “The Good Traitor” (“Vores Mand I Amerika”) on 8 May at 5 pm.

The Norwegian Film “Before Snowfall” on 9 May at 8.10 pm

The Finnish Film “MASTER CHENG” (Mestari Cheng) on 19 May at 8 pm

The Swedish Film “And then we danced” on 13 May at 8 pm

Find more information about EUFF here

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