Wind energy in Vietnam – powered by Vestas

The landscape will soon be transformed in a part of Mui Dinh, Vietnam.
Vestas – the Danish wind turbine company – is about to start the development of Mui Dinh wind farm supported by the Embassy of Denmark.vestas-wind-turbine-photo547457

The wind farm will support Vietnam’s economic growth potential by using Vietnam’s vast wind resources and at the same time help meet the growing demand for clean energy. The project is aiming at establishing a sustainable wind energy business model.

“Denmark is a world-leader in wind power development, and we have numerous wind farms spread across the Danish fields and shorelines. I hope the Mui Dinh wind farm will serve as a game changer for future wind power projects helping Vietnam to meet its soaring demand for energy” says Danish Ambassador to Vietnam, John Nielsen.

Vestas Chief Sales Officer Juan Araluce y Martinez de Azagra stated “We are committed to Vietnam in the long term and we are already providing competencies and technology transfer to fill the market gaps as we see great opportunities for wind power development in this country”.

Source: Embassy of Denmark in Vietnam
Photo: Courtesy of Vestas A/S

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