Red Flush Gaming Winter Update

Nobody likes being served up identical games time after time. Unfortunately, much of the latest casino news these days seems to be full of rehashed plots and characters. The Red Flush Internet slot casino games which can be found at does its' best to provide players with the newest and most innovative gaming options. On a monthly basis, Red Flush introduces several never before seen Microgaming games. Once players have signed up at the casino, they can access these games after they go live on the platform. Here's the updated gaming news for the winter at Red flush Casino:


October – Red Hot Devil Web Slots


Microgaming's Red Hot Devil game is a twenty-five payline, five reel slot with a rock music influence. In the standard game, you dodge vicious flames to obtain Scatter and Wild pays. The Bonus Selection option is activated, whenever three to five Scatter Diamonds are visible on the reels. This provides a selection of several bonus games, which are sure to captivate the player's attention:


The Red Hot Reels Complimentary Spins allows players ten complimentary spins, with as many as three Wild Reels. While playing this game, an evil (but beautiful) seductress will materialize to spin reels four, three or two wild each time. If a Scatter falls on reel five or reel one, the whole reel will become wild. Furthermore, if the Scatter falls on reels five and one, the whole reel will become wild, and an extra ten complimentary spins will be activated.


The Complimentary Spins, with a ten fold Red Hot Multiplier, allows players ten spins ̵ free of charge ̵ with a multiplier that compounds two to ten times over. The multiplier increases, once the Scatter becomes visible on reel one or reel five. If you manage to get the Scatter on reels five and one, you will activate an additional ten complimentary spins.


The Fire Wheel choose and pop bonus is presented by a beautiful hostess, who offers players ten smoldering orbs. Nine of these have a secret prize in them and a 'choose again' option. All orbs contain a clown, who hands out prizes prior to finishing the bonus session if chosen.


November – Max Damage web Slots


With Max Damage web Slots, players accompany the much loved futuristic character in a space adventure themed arcade game. This game has more than 243 winning methods, commencing with both Scatter and Wild pays. The Max Damage web Slots logo depicts the Wild symbol, and this can be used as a replacement for any other symbol, apart from the Scatter, to make successful combinations. Moreover, each reel has the Wild symbol stacked on it, so fasten your astronaut helmet and get ready to win galactic sums of money.


The alien spaceship depicts the Scatter symbol. Once three to five alien spacecraft appear on the reels, fifteen far out complimentary spins with a two fold multiplier are activated. Throughout this intriguing feature, evil space ships will attack the reels. At this point, Max's defense unit will illuminate and fire laser beams over the reels, to give out prizes randomly. Players win double the amount on complimentary spins, so profits are of truly cosmic proportions.

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