Style:Nordic to Relocate

Style:Nordic has announce that thye will be relocating on 31 January 2012 from their current location at Delfi to a new unit at Palais Renaissance, around 200 meters down the road from Delfi. When they move out, they announced that everything in the store has to go.

The last day of their operation at Delfi would be on 31 January and after moving to Palais Renaissance, they would resume business in mid-March. Their office however will remain open for business as usual so if there any inquiries they can be contacted at +65 6423 1373.

There will be relocation sale starting on 14 January and will go on until the last day at Delfi. A variety of discounts will be offered for different items.


Ergonomic office chairs will be given 10% discount
All showroom furniture pieces will be given 15% discount
Iitala will be given 20% discount
Efva Atling and SNÖ will be given 50% discount
All Christmas and Easter decorations will be given 70% discount
*Orders for out-of-stock pieces will still be taken

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