Notorious Danish Web Scammer Arrested

The infamous Danish web scammer Michael Larsen, who has been cheating Danish web customers for years, was this morning arrested in Copenhagen Airport when he arrived on a plane from Bangkok.
The 50-year-old Michael Larsen is accused of fraud and life threatening statements towards several people in Denmark. He will be prosecuted at the court in Elsinore north of Copenhagen.
Recently, Michael Larsen and his operation was on 5 January 2011 exposed nationally in the Danish TV program “Behind the facade” (Behind the front) in which he also threatened the journalists producing the show. He practically signed his own warrant for arrest, when he arrogantly asked the journalist why the police had not arrested him if he the accusations against him were really true. The program also clearly demonstrated a weakness in how the Danish police handles cases of crime spanning over more than one police district.
The TV journalist was proved how Michael Larsen routinely threatened people on their lives when they accused him of cheating in online trade. That prompted the 50 year old to throw a barrage of threats against the journalist, promising her that he would send Hells Angels out to kill her or make sure she would be the victim of a “nasty accident”.

The 50-year-old, who left Denmark in 2005, was presented later in the day in court in Elsinore where he explained that he was seriously ill. He also told the court of the “Danish Mafia” in Pattaya who had charged him sky-high loan shark interests and taken his passport, computer and bank pass book as guarantee.
Michael Larsen had himself contacted the Danish police and requested if they could please help him to be sent home. The Danish National Police Investigation Centre had helped him with a ticket.



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