One Nordic Bussiness Forum for Indonesia

The Swedish, Norwegian and Danish business associations in Indonesia are now tied together as members of one single organization, NBF – Nordic Business Forum.
 A Finnish and an Icelandic Board member signed the charter, too, thereby completing the formation of a truly Nordic Business Forum representing the business interests of all the five Nordic countries in Indonesia.
 The auspicious signing ceremony and announcement was held in conjunction with the Scandinavian Christmas Lunch starting at 2 pm on Friday at the Hotel Borobudur,  Jl. Lapangan in Jakarta.
 “From a Norwegian perspective this is a quantum leap forward in cementing Nordic business relationships,” says Executive Director of the Indonesia Norway Business Council, Peter Vaughan.
 “We see this synergy as a win-win scenario for all stakeholders.”

The road to unity
Nordic co-operation is no new thing in Jakarta. The Danish Business Association (DBA) and the Indonesia Norway Business Council (INBC) have co-operated frequently in the past holding joint events in a bid to attract more attendances at Guest Speaker Dinners. Many Danes and Norwegians are also frequent participants in activities organized by the Swedish Business Association (SBA).
 In 2010, however, INBC proposed an extension of this co-operation to include not only the three existing organizations, but also the Finnish business community.
 During 2011 a series of informal meetings were held between DBA and SBA to discuss how the concept of Nordic business co-operation might be managed. Various proposals were tabled then refined by representatives of the five Nordic business communities.
 INBC offered its services to be the Honorary Secretariat for a co-operative organization that would meet infrequently and, most importantly, not impinge in any way or impact upon the individual programs of each Nordic business group.
 A meeting was held amongst delegates from the Nordic business groups on 3rd November 2011 at which the foundation of the Nordic Business Forum (NBF) was agreed by all parties. A proposed Charter was discussed at length, it was later refined, and it was further agreed that the Nordic Business Forum be inaugurated from 1st January 2012.
 It was also agreed that a public announcement be made at a suitable event early in 2012. That event became the Danish Christmas Lunch on 20 January 2012.
 The signatories to the Charter signed on this day are President of the Danish Business Association, Mr. Chano Lauritsen; Company Director Mr. Ingmar Sjöblad representing the Finnish business interests; Company Director Mr. Oddur Johannesson representing the Icelandic business interests; President of the Indonesia Norway Business Council, Mr. Tor Fjæran; and President of the Swedish Business Association, Mr. Per Brandt.
 The Charter expands on the existing structure and coordinates events and explores joint Nordic opportunities.

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