How to Get Your Dream Job?

Approximately one hundred Nordic Young Professionals from all Chambers gathered for a special event on “How to get your dream job” at O’Malley’s – Shanghai’s original Irish bar and restaurant.

For this special occasion held on Wednesday 21 March, three Danish business professionals from different companies were invited to give speeches. It was a cross Nordic event with Young Professionals from Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Norwegian Business Association, The Finnish Business Council and Danish Chambers of Commerce who hosted the event.

Jonas Alsen from the board of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce moderated the workshop.

Rasmus Riisgaard Mortensen, General Manager at HUBER shared his experiences on how he got offered several new jobs only using LinkedIn during the search process. Nicolai Bro Winkel, Partner at Ostergaard & Co. gave his advice for creating a CV on LinkedIn, while Jens Christian Skovrup, General Manger of Greater China at Nilfisk-Advance shared his view on how to prepare for a job interview.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site that allows members to create business contacts, search for jobs and find potential clients.

Nicolai Bro Winkel started out by sharing his experiences to the young audience about his job as a headhunter.  Afterwards he continued mentioning some rules for building a strong CV.

“You are selling the most valuable commodity of all, namely you, and you need to approach this as you would in any sales process. Do not make the common mistakes of just highlighting your given products features. You want to highlight how this feature benefits the client. Put yourself in the employers shoes and ask the question “what’s in it for me?”,” said Nicolai Bro Winkel.

Rasmus Riisgaard Mortensen spoke about branding yourself at LinkedIn by making a good profile telling people who you are, who you are trying to reach and what exactly you are good at?

Afterwards he continued to “how to make a good first impression”.

He added advices such as “Get a professional photo that matches your desired job. Make a good headline. It is the first top of the screen people look at, so you need to catch their interest. How can you make the company grow? How can you add value? What makes YOU special?”

Jens Christian Skovrup guided the young participants by using examples like “understanding the purpose of the interview – adding valuable information to your resume – the interviewer can read, so he or she is looking for more – like peeling an onion. Show that you have prepared for the interview – bring reasonable quantity of materials, and most importantly be yourself,” he said.

Jens Christian Skovrup also added “when entering an interview, you will always be questioned a bit outside of the box such as: where else are you interviewing and what you think is the worst part of working in a team?”

After the contributions of the speakers, the evening ended with a seemingly inexhaustible stream of questions from the audience.

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