Danish Bestseller Group Appreciated

The founder of the Danish Bestseller Group, Troels Holch Povlsen and his team met Vice Foreign Minister of China, Xie Hangsheng on Sunday 1 April where they were appreciated for their help and support to the poverty alleviation work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Bestseller Group is actively involved in the poverty reduction work of China’s poverty-stricken areas while being actively involved in the creation of wealth. The group’s efforts have strongly promoted economic and social development in poor areas. They have also made important contributions to improving local people’s living standards and production capacity.

Since 2007, Bestseller Group has invested more than RMB12.80 million yuan to help over 1,000 households in seven natural villages out of poverty in a county of Yunnan designated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry and the people of the poverty-stricken areas in Yunnan are respectful and grateful for the support rendered by Bestseller Group.

“The Poverty Alleviation Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will assist Bestseller Group in keeping doing a good job of helping the poverty-stricken county,” said Mr. Xie Hangsheng

Mr. Povlsen said that Bestseller Group will always follow the old maxim of China.

“Taking from the people and giving back to the people, stay committed to public welfare, and continue to give back to the society. He was optimistic about the prospects of economic development in China and wished China an early realisation of the goal of harmonious development,” said Mr. Povlsen

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