Danish Church Celebrates the Queen’s Birthday

Around 80 people came together at the Danish Seamens Church on 16 April to celebrate the Danish Queen’s birthday.

The celebration which usually takes place at the Danish Ambassador’s residence was hosted by the church as the ambassador position is yet to be filled.

The event, that took place in the evening, was celebrated with singing and with everyone having a piece, or more, of the traditional layer cakes, which were made by the church.
The church was decorated with Danish flags and the colours red and white.

Entertaining the crowd that evening was the pastor’s daughter, Astrid Eistrup and a church staff, Thorbjorn Holm. They performed their very own rendition of the “Happy Birthday” sing as Astrid played the ukulele.

Also, hotels such as Orchard, Goodwood Park, Shangri La and Sheraton sponsored some delicious cakes of their own in conjunction with the event.

As part of the efforts in congratulating the queen, everyone was invited to sign a wish list and was later faxed to the Queen’s residence.

It was a fun time for the community to get together and celebrate something familiar in the best way and with adding certain traditional touches to it.

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