Denmark and Vietnam in Clean Cooperate

The documentary “Working together for a cleaner future” is a collaboration between the Embassy of Denmark and Vietnamese ministerial and provincial partners about ways of fighting pollution at roots in Vietnam.

Twenty years of rapid economic development cause serious pollution in the rivers, air, factories and in the households of Vietnam. In 2004, Vietnam and Denmark embarked on a development programme aimed at fighting pollution in many areas, across ministries and provinces all over the country.

The film is a journey through the Danish-Vietnamese cooperation within the environment sector with visit to urban and rural families, and business enterprises that have benefited from the programme, to governmental institutions that have been involved in the programme, and to independent experts who give their view on future challenges for environment management and green growth in Vietnam.

Through case stories on the programme’s activities, diversified aspects of the cooperation are unveiled.  It shows how fundamental change can be obtained by leveraging public private partnership and community involvement. Examples of the Ba Ren market, the Pho Yen Medical Center, the Plato company, the marine conservation in Cham island are lively stories about the achievements of the Vietnam-Denmark cooperation.

Another important objective has been to mainstream environmental issues into all policies of the government and also to ensure a legal framework for the development of the environmental sector by making ministries work together on environmental issues. Moreover, the film is a good example of how economic growth and environmental protection can go hand in hand and that achieving both objectives are not contradictory.

The 30-minute documentary was aired on the Vietnamese television channel VTV1 on April 14th 2012 at 2.20PM. The Danish version of the film is online on National Danish television channel DK4. DVDs can be obtain through the public library system in Denmark, or by contacting to Embassy of Denmark in Hanoi at [email protected]

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