More Danes to Study in China

The vastly increased interest indicates that the collaboration between Denmark and China has cracked the code for student mobility.

The eight Danish universities have joined forces with the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (GUCAS) to establish a new Sino-Danish University Centre in China. Now, 76 Danish students have applied for one of four new graduate programs in China. Never before have so many Danish students applied to study in China. The vastly increased interest indicates that the collaboration between Denmark and China has cracked the code for student mobility.
Danish students have primarily looking toward Western countries, when looking to study abroad. Over 90% of the Danish students who chose to take a Masters degree abroad through the Danish Udlandsstipendieordning, traveled to Western countries. Few students traveled to the BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China. Sino-Danish Centre for Education and Research was founded to strengthen the collaboration between Denmark and China and to ensure that more students turn their attention toward China and the economic potential in the country.
More than 450 Danish companies have already established themselves in China and the need for graduates with an understanding of China’s culture and society is increasing. Therefore, Sino-Danish Center is proud to announce that 76 Danish students and a total of 104 students have chosen to apply for the four brand new courses in China – Neuroscience & Neuroimaging, Water & Environment, Innovation Management and Public Management & Social Development. The many applications are currently being processed and the students will be notified on 01. May. The Danish director of the Sino-Danish Center, Hans Gregersen, is immensely proud to see so many students wanting to be a part of the project:
“The number of applicants’ shows that it is possible to crack the code of student mobility, but it requires a strong and stable cooperation between universities, politicians and businesses. This success is due to a targeted effort by the Sino-Danish Center Secretariat in collaboration with the individual Danish universities. Danish students are very interested in the opportunity to study in China and Sino-Danish Center is pleased to see the students wanting to be a part of the project!”
Although it has previously been possible to study in China, Danish students have rarely taken advantage of the opportunity. Now that Denmark and China are working together to create the Sino-Danish Center in China, the interest from the Danish students, however, has proven to be great. Students want the chance to really understand the Chinese culture, says the chairman of the Rectors’ Conference, Jens Oddershede:
“A two-year Master’s Degree in China provides students with a range of skills that the Danish business community and academia have never seen. I am convinced that students will contribute to strengthen the collaboration between Denmark and China in research, education and business.”
According to Jens Oddershede, a deep understanding of Chinese culture is vital for the student’s future opportunities in the country. China has a unique culture that requires insight and experience. For the many Danish companies currently working in China, candidates with knowledge and understanding of the Chinese culture are very sought after. Mads Lebech, Managing Director of Industriens Fond, says:
“For Danish companies, it is associated with significant challenges to crack the code to success in China and other Asian emerging markets. The Danish industry is stronger when businesses have access to the right educational and human skills. Sino-Danish Center is a win for both students and businesses. But all the research collaboration will also provide value back at the universities in Denmark.”
The collaboration between Denmark and China through the Sino-Danish Center shows that Danish students are ready to seize opportunities in the world’s most populous nation. The increase of Danish students interested in studying in China is impressive and the Sino-Danish Centre will be there to assist the students throughout the whole process!

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