Carlsberg Introduces Pull-off Cap to China

April 18 marks the official launch in China, which was celebrated with a new Guinness World Record. This is the first time ever that an international brand has introduced a easy to pull off “ring-pull” cap to consumers in China.

The record, entitled “Most People Opening Beer Bottles in a Relay with Bare Hands”, had 280 guests who attended the launch event, made possible by the fact that the redesigned Tuborg bottle comes with an easy to pull off cap.

This is the first time ever that an international brand has introduced a pull-off cap to consumers in China.

In addition to the redesigned bottle, the rejuvenated Tuborg carries a new tilted logo and a new strapline ‘Open for More’, inspiring its audience to be open to more experiences and to make the most out of their lives and have fun.

The launch is supported by a new global advertising campaign including a new television commercial, a social media outreach campaign, as well as some louder than ever music campaign.

The China launch follows on from the relaunch of the Tuborg brand in Russia and India earlier in the year and Carlsberg Group plans to roll out the rejuvenated Tuborg brand across 13 markets by the end of 2012, with more markets to follow in 2013.

Speaking at today’s launch, Stephen Maher, CEO of Carlsberg China, commented that as the fourth largest brewer globally, Carlsberg is optimistic about the rapidly growing and dynamic Chinese market.

“It is an important part of our strategy to provide more high quality, diversified products to Chinese consumers,” he said.

“Tuborg is the fourth top ten international premium beer brand brought by Carlsberg Group to the Chinese market, following in the footsteps of Carlsberg, Guinness and Corona. By introducing international beer brands and nurturing local brands, Carlsberg Group now owns a product portfolio in China which boasts over 20 brands,” he added.

He continued that he extensive product portfolio, covering super premium to mainstream, supported by a full range of SKUs enables Carlsberg to provide its customers and consumers with a wide range of choices and to successfully exploit different regions and different markets.

Carlsberg was one of the first international brewers to export beer to China more than 130 years ago. Carlsberg officially began its business in Greater China in 1978.

Besides the flagship brand Carlsberg, various beer brands are also available in China including, among others, Carlsberg Chill, Carlsberg Light, Guinness, Kronenbourg 1664, Dali and Wusu. Carlsberg is involved in over 40 breweries, either wholly-owned or through joint-venture, across several provinces and now employs over 14,000 people across China.

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