Danish Swindler Gets One Year Sentence

Michael Larsen, a notorius Danish fraudster who was exposed in the Danish TV documentary ‘Bag Facaden’ this year on 5 January 2012, has now been sentenced to one year in prison for internet fraud and intimidation.

According to the police, Michael Larsen confessed to all of the 32 cases he was charged with and was consequently convicted of 25 cases of fraud worth 158,000 Danish Kroner and seven cases of threats.

When Michael Larsen was presented to a judge for a preliminary hearing in the court of Helsingor on 18 January 2012, he begged the judge to put him in remand custody so he could get a grip on his health and his life.

At the time, Michael Larsen explained that he had come into the clutches of what he called “The Danish Mafia in Pattaya”, who had taken his passport, computer and a bankbook as collaterals. He left Denmark in 2005 and had even asked the police, who was waiting for him at the airport, to help him come home.

Michael Larsen became infamous when he was declared as Denmark’s worst internet fraudster by the TV documentary Bag Facaden.

Following the sentencing of one year in prison, Michael Larsen was released for later serving. He also had to hand over his passport to the police.

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