Swedish Health Care Solutions Welcomed in Sichuan

The Swedish Embassy conducted a seminar with the Sichuan Board of Health and the Swedish Trade Council regarding Swedish health care and medical service solutions.

The seminar was held on Tuesday 17 April in Chengdu in the Sichuan province and attracted around 140 representatives from the provincial government, various hospitals and local industry. The Swedish ambassador to China, Lars Fredén, held an opening speech.

More than 40 separate Chinese hospitals were represented, most of which on a director or vice director level. Seven Swedish companies travelled with the ambassador to Chengdu, some were represented at the highest global management level.

During the trip the ambassador had meetings with the Assistant Secretary General of the Sichuan Provincial Government, Chen Baoming, who is responsible for educational matters. Swedish-Sichuanese realations were discussed. The delegation also met with the management of the Sichuan board of health at a separate meeting where the Swedish companies were given an opportunity to present themselves and talk about in what ways they could contribute to Sichuan’s health care reform.

A visit was made to Huaxi hospital where President Shi Yingkang received the delegation. Huaxi hospital is one of the oldest, biggest and most advanced hospitals in China. Every year more than 3,5 million patients are treated at the hospital, which also has telemedicine collaborations with more than 500 other hospitals in China. Huaxi hospital is one of relatively few hospitals directly under the Ministry of Health in Beijing which gives it a special status and importance.

The delegation also visited the Sichuan University where they were received by two assistant principals. The university was established in 1896 and is the third oldest in China. The university is directly under the Ministry of Education in Beijing and is ranked the 8th best in the country. The medical research and education at the university is extensive.

This visit by the Swedish health care delegation to Chengdu was part of a commitment by official Swedish actors to life science in China. A brochure on what Sweden has to offer in the fields of life science and medical care was made for visit.

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