Chinese Students Consider Study in Denmark

The Chinese students, Chen Yunyun together with her friend, Qiu Su attended the event to learn more about Europe and how to get into a European university. Although more than 25 European countries were represented at the event, the Danish booth was Chen Yunyun’s first stop.

“Before I came here today, all I knew about Denmark was that they play great football and is a very green country and Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale about the little mermaid. What surprised me the most was to learn that almost everybody in Denmark speaks English. That really was a positive surprise. Language difficulties probably are the biggest concern for Chinese students, who think about studying in a European country,” Chen said.

Both her and her friend study communication at Communication University of China in Nanjing.  While Qiu Su has already decided to move to Europe to study and even work there one day, Chen Yunuyn is still undecided on where she wants to go.

One thing they agree on, though, is that the Danish tradition of working in groups with your fellow students is a very big advantage for your education.

“Compared to how we are used to study in China, this is very different. But I think both of us would like to work abroad one day, so being able to work in groups and solving problems together with other people and nationalities, definitely is a great skill”, explained the two young Chinese.

”We live together and do everything together,” Qiu Su answers with a smile. “Maybe we should go to Denmark together.”

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