The Philippines Overtakes Norway in Global English Test

Global English, an English language instruction company in California, tested 108,000 employees in 216 companies in 76 countries including Norway, the Philippines and Malaysia in 2011.

The test results showed that the Philippines was the only country to score at the intermediate level (7.11) followed by Norway (6.54) and other countries.

The tests conducted included comprehension of English, and its usage in various media such as e-mail, phone and various presentations.

Global English president Tom Kahl was quoted as saying, “Addressing English skills gaps and ensuring that employees can immediately perform at the necessary proficiency level should be viewed as a strategic imperative for multinational businesses as enterprise fluency, the ability to seamlessly communicate and collaborate within global organisations, can deliver significant financial upside.”

Clients of Global English include Cisco, General Motors and Procter and Gamble.

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