A Cultural Highway between Norway and China

In cooperation with Fredrikstad municipality in Norway, the Hong Kong based Theatre Studio and the Norwegian theatre lab Studium Actoris have initiated a three-year long cultural exchange program which is to culminate in a theatre production celebrating the 150 years jubilee of Norway and China’s most famous painters, Edward Munch and Qi Bashi.

Studium Actoris has initiated the project with a goal of contributing to increased cultural exchange, creating understanding and developing cultural networks across borders.

The project was first initiated in 2011 when Shu Wing Tang, the director of Hong Kong Theatre Studio and previous Dean of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts was invited to Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival 2011 to see Studium Actoris’ play Lost Angels.

Since then, the project has evolved and now the participants are actively engaged in the production of a new play about the two painters, the Norwegian Edward Munch and the Chinese Qi Bashi.

Although the two artists had very different styles, they were similar in how they both stood by their values and ideas, despite being met with harsh critique in their careers.

The play is to be directed by Shu Wing Teng, the roles in the play will be filled by two Norwegian actors from Studium Actoris, two from his own theatre group and two dancers trained in classical Chinese opera.

The play will have its first performance in Fredrikstad May 2013 as a part of the Munch year 2013 and its world premiere at the Singapore Arts Festival the same year.

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