Sweden to Expand its Investments in Thailand

Deputy Minister of Commerce in Thailand Mr. Siriwat Kajornprasart recently held a meeting with Swedish Deputy Minister of Commerce Mr. Gunnar Oom to discuss future Swedish business investments in Thailand.

According to Mr. Siriwat, Sweden plans to expand a lot of its investments to Thailand. Volvo, for example, plans to relocate its trucks production base from China to Thailand. Electrolux also plans to move its production of refrigerators to Thailand. There are also other Swedish companies, especially those in technological and environmental related businesses, planning to invest in Thailand. However, Mr. Oom expressed his concerns regarding limitations of Thai laws and regulations for foreign investments. Mr. Siriwat listened and is prepared to cooperate and work out the best solutions.

Sweden government plans to establish ‘Joint Plan of Action’ between Thailand and Sweden for exchanges in areas of politics, economics, agriculture, security, environmental technology, energy, tourism, and education.  Sweden is looking forward to a strengthen coordination and collaboration with Thailand for mutual benefits.

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