Filipino Ultra-Marathoner Heads to Stockholm

Filipino ultra-marathoner Cesar Guarin is heading to Stockholm in June 2012 to start his 13-day run in Sweden as leg of the second part of his England to Sweden Run, said to be the “most breathtaking and magical destination” of his Global Run.

GMA News TV reported that Guarin dubbed the father of ultra-marathon in the Philippines, first arrived in Helsinki, capital of Finland on 27 May.
According to the latest update on Global Run’s official Facebook page, Guarin is headed to Sweden after receiving a warm welcome from supporters, including Consul Lilibeth Almonte and Rachel Hansen, Publisher of Roots and Wings Magazine in Turku, Finland.
He has already started to run across different parts of Finland and will be heading over to Stockholm where he will run a distance of over 2,000 kilometers.
The 56-year-old Guarin has already traveled the distance of 13,500 km through his global run from 1983 which spanned across Trans Pilipinas, Trans USA, Trans Europe, US-Canada and Trans Australian leg last year.
In his most recent, the Trans Australian leg, he ran 2,000 km in 41 days.
What is Global Run?
Guarin’s Global Run, considered as the world’s toughest run ever started in 1983 and is expected to end in 2016, according to the official website of the project.
Apart from his deep passion for running, the Global Run is Guarin’s way of way of honoring and thanking Overseas Filipino Workers and migrants.
Through running, Guarin raises funds for their organization which helps less fortunate children. They are currently trying to reach the $200,000-mark (P8,676,266).
Guarin is an alumnus of University of the Philippines and is the president and general manager of CEJOGUA Sports Corporation (CSC) which is headed by iSports BOTAK, a popular local line of sportswear.
The Global Run’s Facebook page said if Guarin succeeds in finishing the global run, he will make history by being the first Asian and fourth person to ever complete the feat.
Guarin’s Global Run spans 43, 258 km and he has already covered a third of this distance.


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