ScandAsia and Thai Property Guide Jointly Target Scandinavians in Asia

ScandAsia and Thai Property Guide (TPG) are now joining forces as they plan for activities to approach this common target group, Scandinavians in Asia. ScandAsia has been appointed official media partner for TPG as the 2012/2013 edition of the project’s publication is being put together.

Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce initiated TPG as a platform for buyers and sellers to meet and where all other related products and services, including for instance lifestyle amenities and travel, could market themselves.

This second home abroad promotion gateway is now eyeing Scandinavians, in particular, among the ever-increasing number of westerners residing in and working in China and Singapore, besides the large numbers visiting or already having invested in Thailand.

Thai-Swedish Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Peter Björk said Scandinavians are increasingly settling down permanently in Asia because of their businesses, the great opportunities and the strong growth here.

“Then they are likely to aim for Thailand in particular as a preferred country to have a holiday home base or to retire in the future,” he said.

“Many Scandinavian corporate employees have been in Asia a long time and prefer to invest here rather than back in Scandinavia. Also, they prefer the warm and friendly people in a country such as Thailand with its world-renowned hospitality. Here they can enjoy higher quality of life than back home and at a reasonable cost,” he added.

The 2011 HSBC Expat Explorer survey put Thailand at the top of its list globally for expats without children and when comparing economic and lifestyle factors, while Singapore is the ideal expat location for both quality of life and career progression.

“In this partnership, ScandAsia can play a role to get the message out to those targeted. Our weekly newsletter and the dedicated ScandAsia Singapore and Thailand editions combined effectively reach the large majority of Scandinavians in these countries,” said editor and owner of ScandAsia, Gregers Moller.

TPG and ScandAsia are planning for promotional events to be held in Singapore as well as in Shanghai and Beijing, China. The forthcoming edition of the yearly TPG publication will commence its distribution in October 2012.

“Meanwhile we can also promote our publications and create increased awareness around these and our free subscriptions,” Gregers explained.

As the Scandinavian activities in the region are growing, there is a need for relevant and related information resources for Scandinavians’ which also means a growth market for ScandAsia.

Having expanded into the Chinese market, and with Singapore growing in importance for the Scandinavians as a trading partner, hub and career building country, ScandAsia wishes to reach as many of them as possible.

Ideal for any expatriate, the upcoming TPG edition will continue providing insightful expert advice from contributors as well as key information and destination investment guides for prospective residential investors to Thailand. It scans and presents a qualified selection of products and services to the consumer. is the well-established, number one portal ( and publication on all things relating to Scandinavia in China and South East Asia, with full coverage in English.

The Thai Property Guide (TPG) initiative, which promotes second home and residential property investment into Thailand towards foreigners and expatriates, is the only project of its kind with official support and operated by a Chamber of Commerce in Thailand.


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