EuroCham’s Whitebook 2013 Releasing in November

Eurocham’s Whitebook 2013 edition will be released late November 2012. As its prior editions, the issue summarises key issues affecting the European business climate in Vietnam as well as issues that affect the Vietnamese population.

Once again, it will cover the major industries in which EuroCham’s 750 member companies, such as pharmaceuticals, fast-moving consumer goods, energy, telecom, automotive, tourism and banking/finance, operate.

There will, however, be some changes especially regarding lay-out and prioritisation of recommendations. Having recruited a legal editor, readers can expect to see a more consistent and comprehensive, Whitebook.

The EuroCham Sector Committees are currently updating and redrafting the chapters and are encouraging input from all the members, especially if there are new businesses the members are involved in or some issues they would like to be emphasised.

All issues and recommendations by members are requested to be submitted to [email protected] by 30 September 2012 at the latest.

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